Asians? Leadership? HIV/AIDS activism?

This month, ACAS took to the streets to find out what people’s perceptions or misconceptions are about Asian leadership and HIV/AIDS activism.

This video is part of our July spot light on Legacy and Leadership: Asians in HIV/AIDS activism. Check back each week on our blog for more.


4 thoughts on “Asians? Leadership? HIV/AIDS activism?

  1. This demonstrates how little the general public knows about AIDS activism but critically more important than that disturbing fact is the fact that the general public seems to be totally ignorant of any leadership in the Asian community let alone that there is any noticeable form of activism taking place in the Asian community. I would suggest this may be as a result of the Asian community’s own ill conceived efforts to establish it’s own splintered community by distancing itself, for whatever reason, from an already well established and leading inclusive wider AIDS community within the city.

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  4. There are many barriers facing Asian PHA’s in accessing AIDS services and community within the city. Some of this has to do with language differences. And unfortunately as diverse as the city is, discrimination against immigrants and people of colour still exists in Toronto. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to the activism that IS happening in our communities because of these reasons. As much as we need to create more space for activists in our own communities, the general public needs to recognize the things we have contributed to AIDS activism.

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